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2015 Holiday Donation Program

Donate to the Claddagh Fund by Friday, December 25th and we will send you a personalized donation card to provide your recipient acknowledging the gift.*
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Love - The Heart

We share our good fortune and LOVE by granting funds to charitable organizations that champion the needs of those near and dear to us, children, veterans and individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Loyalty - The Crown

And, we rely on the LOYALTY to the Dropkick Murphys, the commitment of our friends in the United States, Ireland and communities throughout the world to help us consistently give back to the most underfunded charities.

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It is so vitally important to the viability of underfunded charities that we maintain a consistent level of support.

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Upcoming concert dates, special events, volunteer opportunities & community outreach gatherings exclusively for our supporters.

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Kind words from by those who have been touched by our efforts and support our mission with thoughts and deeds.

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The Claddagh Fund: The Mission

The Claddagh Fund was founded in 2009 by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys.  Ken, his bandmates and their families have supported charities throughout the history of the band.  Understanding the power of their position to harness the passion and generosity of their fans, the Claddagh Fund was created to raise funds for and broaden our impact on worthy, underfunded non-profits that support the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.

Benefiting Charities
Utilizing a grassroots approach to fundraising, The Claddagh Fund supports community-based non-profits, with a focus on children and veterans organizations and programs that support alcohol and drug rehabilitation in cities across the country and around the world. 

Children's Charities
The Claddagh Fund will focus on supporting child and youth-based non-profits, targeting organizations that support cancer research, support and recovery, youth sports, clubs and camps.  Organizations which provide opportunity to vulnerable and disenfranchised youth populations, providing the background, education and outlets necessary for children to develop into successful, considerate adults, will be strongly considered.

Veterans Charities
The commitment and sacrifice of soldiers and their families to our country is embodied in the values of friendship, love and loyalty—the core of the Claddagh Fund.  Without their unbelievable sacrifice and loyalty, our country would be a very different place.  It is an honor to, even in a minor way, pay tribute to these men and women and their families who humbly commit their lives to protect and serve others.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Charities
As an important and personal issue to the Founder and members of the Board of Directors for the Claddagh Fund, financial support will be offered to aid successful programs in Boston, in Massachusetts and throughout the country which provide resources, care and instruction to those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  The Claddagh Fund will support programs that offer a comprehensive approach to alcohol and drug addiction, including education, training, housing and consistent social services and support beyond traditional short-term recovery methods.

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The Claddagh Fund

82 Broad Street, Suite #344
Boston, MA 02110
1 (855) DKM-GIVE

The Claddagh Fund

The Claddagh Fund is a registered 501(c)3 organization and is the charitable foundation of the Dropkick Murphys, founded by Ken Casey in 2009. Honoring the three attributes of the Claddagh Ring, friendship, love and loyalty, the mission of the Claddagh Fund is to raise money for the most underfunded non-profit organizations that support vulnerable populations in our communities. Thank you everyone for your continued support!