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Grant Process/Application

Claddagh Fund Grant FAQ


Who Do We Give Money To?
Honoring the attributes of the claddagh ring, friendship, love and loyalty, the Claddagh Fund (the “Fund”) grants money to underfunded charities that support individuals and families who are struggling in the communities we serve.  Organizations must be a registered 501(c)3. Interested charities must to be working with individuals or families in one of the three main areas of focus:

  • Children

  • Veterans

  • Alcohol and substance recovery programs

What The Fund Supports:

--The Claddagh Fund is a registered 501(c)3 accredited non-profit organization as designated by the federal government.

Grants are determined based on the Claddagh Fund mission and decided upon by the Claddagh Fund founder, staff and board of directors.


--Consideration will be provided to immediate or long-term needs. Grants can be awarded for medium to long-term projects (i.e. over one year) or for short-term projects. 


--Grants may be awarded to cover part of a cost of a project.

--The Fund will strongly consider applications where the funds are dedicated to either capital improvement projects or dedicated programming need.

What The Fund Does Not Support:
--Grants will not be awarded as general donations. The grant has to be related to a specific project or program.
--Grants will not be awarded for day-to-day administrative running costs.
--Grants are not awarded to individuals.
--Grants will not be awarded to sponsor an award.
--Grants will not be awarded for projects outside of our core focus of organizations that help children, veterans and alcohol and substance recovery programs.
--Grants will not be awarded where the project does not provide a lasting benefit or is not sustainable. 
--Grants are not awarded to projects that have surpassed their funding goal.
--Grants are not usually awarded for applications where the primary funding is to support the payment of salaries.

How Often Are Grants Awarded?
Grants will be awarded biannually. 

Is There a Deadline For Applications? 
Grants will be awarded June 30th and December 31st. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but will need at least 30 days for review prior to each awarding date.

How Much Money Can We Request?

There is no limit on the amount of money that an organization can request. However, the Fund does not generally award grants for less than $5,000 or more than $100,000.  

Who Can Apply For Funding?

Any mission meeting the requirements of the Fund may apply.  The Fund will strongly consider applications where the funds are dedicated to either capital improvement projects or dedicated programming need.

What Will The Claddagh Fund Expect From a Successful Applicant?
The Fund will expect any conditions applied to the grant to be fully and properly implemented. Part of the mission of the Claddagh Fund is to raise awareness about the organizations we support in conjunction with the benefiting charity to properly promote the grant and the program, which we are supporting.

How Do We Apply For Funding?
A Grant Application Form must be fully completed for any funding to be considered. In addition to the application form you may wish to provide additional supporting information that you consider relevant to your application. 
The Fund has also published an Application checklist. This checklist provides details about additional information that may be required in support of an application.

How Long Does The Application Process Take?
The application processes may take up to 6 months depending on the amount requested and the timing of submission in relation to our regular review meeting. You may be asked to provide additional information or to refine your application. You will be sent a letter after the Board of Directors meeting advising you of their decision.  

Can We Apply For A Grant More Than Once?

Where Should We Send Our Application? 
An electronic copy of your application should be emailed to:


Or printed and mailed to:
The Claddagh Fund
82 Broad St. #344
Boston, MA 02110