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Our Charities

Utilizing a grassroots approach to fundraising, The Claddagh Fund supports community-based non-profits, with a focus programs that support children, veterans organizations and alcohol & drug rehabilitation. Learn more about the organizations we support below.

Children’s Charities


The Claddagh Fund focuses on supporting child and youth-based non-profits, targeting organizations that support cancer research, support and recovery, youth sports, clubs and camps.  Organizations which provide opportunity to vulnerable and disenfranchised youth populations, providing the background, education and outlets necessary for children to develop into successful, considerate adults, will be strongly considered.

Veterans Charities


The commitment and sacrifice of soldiers and their families to our country is embodied in the values of friendship, love and loyalty—the core of the Claddagh Fund.  Without their unbelievable sacrifice and loyalty, our country would be a very different place.  It is an honor to, even in a minor way, pay tribute to these men and women and their families who humbly commit their lives to protect and serve others.

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Charities


As an important and personal issue to the Founder and members of the Board of Directors for the Claddagh Fund, financial support will be offered to aid successful programs in Boston, in Massachusetts and throughout the country which provide resources, care and instruction to those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  The Claddagh Fund will support programs that offer a comprehensive approach to alcohol and drug addiction, including education, training, housing and consistent social services and support beyond traditional short-term recovery methods.

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