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"The Franciscan Hospital for Children is so lucky to be a friend of this organization. Ken and the rest of the guys are always so great when they come and visit with the kids. And, thanks to the support of the Claddagh Fund, we have been able to expand our infant pulmonary rehabilitation program, which serves babies born at less than 26 weeks and less than 2.2 pounds." 

--Diane Newark,

Director of Development, 
Franciscan Hospital for Children

"The Boston Bruins Foundation enjoys great synergy with the Dropkick Murphys' Claddagh Fund and we share in the mission to improve the quality of life of children in our community. We are thrilled with the partnership created with Ken and the organization and look forward to continuing to work together to support worthy charities." 

--Bob Sweeney,

Director of Development, Bruins Foundation

"Some bands dream of landing a big recording contract. Others fantasize about making the cover of Rolling Stone. But Casey and his bandmates have found the true meaning of success: They've reached the point where their unique talents have a widespread impact on other people long after the stereo is turned off and the house lights go up." 


--Jon Chesto, Quincy Patriot Ledger

"We are proud to support the Claddagh Fund and their mission of helping the smaller, under-funded charities that are doing so many important things for our children, veterans and our communities." 

--Lee Michael Kennedy, Lee Kennedy Co.

"We are thrilled to work with Ken Casey and The Claddagh Fund, the Dropkick Murphys have an incredible following and we are happy to be a part of their charity. StandUp For Kids - Philadelphia welcomes the Claddagh Fund with open arms and we look forward to a long and rewarding partnership especially as it pertains to the street, homeless and at-risk youth of Philadelphia." 

--Carolyn McCloskey Co-Executive Director, 

StandUp For Kids - Philadelphia

"The Claddagh Fund has helped My Brother's Keeper bring comfort and joy to thousands of children and relief to their parents who would otherwise watch them go without. I have tremendous respect for Ken and all the guys from Dropkick Murphys for using their special gifts and talents to help those less fortunate. What a great example they are for the world and especially today's youth!" 

--Erich E. Miller, 

My Brother's Keeper

"The Claddagh Fund has been a wonderful resource to StandUp For Kids, Philadelphia. They have provided us with avenues which help to improve our visibility and increase awareness about the homeless and street youths of Philadelphia. With their assistance, our chapter has become more effective to sign up potential volunteers and generate donations which directly contribute to the essentials we provide during our outreach efforts. While we are excited about what the future holds for our organization, we are more excited to know that with The Claddagh Fund's help and support, our outlook for helping the homeless and street youths of Philadelphia is even brighter. Ken Casey's warm heart, along with the three elements of the Claddagh ring (Friendship, Love and loyalty), help form the foundation of our partnership. It is these qualities which fuel our passion to do our best for the kids. We are extremely grateful that they have found us and we look forward to a lasting and positive relationship together." 

--Reid Overturf,

Stand Up For Kids

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